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  • The Menopause Center

    Dedicated solely to the care and treatment of women with menopause symptoms, conditions and related health issues

    Our population is aging, bringing with it new healthcare challenges, especially for women. The average life expectancy for women today is 81 years. The average age at menopause is 51 years. That means women can expect to spend more than a third of their lives in menopause, facing the unique healthcare challenges that come with this stage of life. We can help, so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

    What is menopause?

    Stages of menopause

    • Perimenopause – When a woman first starts to experience menopausal signs and symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and irregular periods; on average occurs 4 years before menopause

    • Menopause – When 12 months have passed since a woman’s last period, marking the end of a woman’s reproductive years

    • Postmenopause – The years that follow menopause

    The effects of menopause on your health

    Menopause occurs when your ovaries stop releasing eggs and producing female hormones. This change in hormone levels can cause symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeplessness and mood swings. Even if you have no obvious symptoms, it’s important to understand the effects of menopause and aging on your overall health. Loss of the female hormone estrogen can weaken your bones, for example, increase cholesterol levels that contribute to coronary artery disease, cause emotional changes, vaginal changes and urinary tract changes. Preventive care during these menopause years offers a huge opportunity to improve your quality of life as you age.

    Our services

    What we treat

    We specialize in treating menopause symptoms, conditions and related health issues such as:

    • Irregular periods or changes in flow
    • Hot flashes
    • Sleeplessness
    • Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
    • Night sweats
    • Vaginal infections
    • Mood swings
    • Depression
    • Pelvic floor disorders
    • Sexual dysfunction/low libido
    • Bladder irritability
    • Incontinence (loss of bladder or bowel control)
    • Overactive bladder
    • Bone loss (osteoporosis and osteopenia)
    • Cardiovascular changes
    • Weight management

    Prevention: Improving your quality of life

    We help patients stay on top of the screenings, immunizations and checkups needed to prevent disease, catch conditions early when they are most treatable, and help women feel their best for years to come. Recommended screenings include:

    • Osteoporosis
    • Coronary artery disease
    • Cancer (breast cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer and cervical cancer)
    • Diabetes
    • Depression
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Obesity
    • HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

    Healthy aging through healthy habits

    We educate women on lifestyle habits necessary for healthy aging during the menopause years, providing the latest information and guidance on:

    • Nutritional needs and supplements
    • Exercise requirements
    • Sleep requirements
    • Pelvic floor strengthening
    • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight/BMI
    • Alcohol, tobacco and personal safety recommendations

    Who we are

    The Menopause Center at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is a unique center dedicated solely to the care and treatment of women with menopause symptoms, conditions, and related health issues. Women at this age have a different set of health issues than younger women and so do women who have chemotherapy induced menopause, primary ovarian deficiency or menopause as a result of a surgical procedure. Our Baylor College of Medicine, board-certified specialists devote their full time, attention and expertise to helping women through the menopause years, providing personalized treatment to improve your health and quality of life. Our approach is comprehensive, addressing every aspect of a woman’s health affected by menopause, and long term, providing a lifelong resource for healthy aging.

    Co-director Lucy J. Puryear, MD  

    Co-director Ronald L. Young, MD

    Center clinician Nina Ali, M.D.

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