The Pavilion for Women at Texas Children's Hospital
  • Nurturing a bonding experience

    From the moment your little one enters the world, our physicians and nurses will be here to help you and your baby get off to a healthy, happy start


    Caring for the smallest patients

    State-of-the-art NICU

    According to the March of Dimes, 1 out of 10 newborns will need specialized, intensive care. Delivering at the Pavilion for Women gives you the peace of mind that our world-class, full-service NICU is available should your baby need that care. Learn more about our NICU

    Creating family-focused time

    Involving families

    Our skilled nurses will help you with newborn care, including offering tips on how to feed, bathe and change your baby. We encourage family members to learn together.

    Scheduled downtime

    Every day between 1:30 pm and 3 pm, we will dim the lights and slow the activity so you, your baby and family members can enjoy some quiet time.

    Supporting mother and baby during breastfeeding

    Bonding in mother-baby rooms

    Because you will be in the same room with your baby, it will be easier to read the cues when your baby is ready to breastfeed, which leads to greater success. Learn more about breastfeeding techniques

    Consulting with nurses

    A mother-baby nurse dedicated to you will offer breastfeeding guidance and help you with specific questions you may have. You also can talk to a lactation consultant

    Giving new and expectant mothers educational resources

    Educational TV in mother-baby rooms

    Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women will offer educational programming via closed-circuit television in mother-baby rooms.

    Classes for families on newborn care

    You and your family members can take classes at the Pavilion for Women on topics that include childbirth, breastfeeding, infant care and preparing siblings for your new baby. View our class schedule

    Providing help for families after they leave the Pavilion for Women

    Choose a pediatrician

    We can provide suggestions on how to choose a pediatrician and can help you find a Texas Children’s Pediatrics practice near your home or office.

    Attend community seminars on parenting

    Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming at first, so we provide you and your family with a variety of resources. You’re welcome to attend ongoing seminars in the Houston community on children’s health topics. View our community calendar

    Learn about children’s health issues

    You can also read about a variety of children’s health topics by visiting the Texas Children’s Pediatrics' website.

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