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Classes & Tours

Classes & Tours

Prepare for life's big moments with educational classes

We understand that these big life events can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’ll give you hands-on instruction and tips to help you feel more confident about what’s ahead.


We recommend that you register early your pregnancy.

Classes are small, and instructors are skilled

  • Small class sizes
    Our experienced educators have the highest credentials to teach childbirth and parenting classes. We keep each class size to 12 families at a maximum so instructors can easily answer your questions.
  • Interactive classes
    All of our classes are highly interactive to help you and family members practice newly learned skills.
  • Information for bed-rest moms
    If you are on bed rest, you can still access educational information that our instructors provide online.

Our family-centered educational classes include:

  • Family-centered childbirth
    Our certified childbirth educators teach a series of classes that help prepare you and your partner for the many possibilities of labor, delivery and the first few weeks after birth.

  • Breastfeeding
    A certified lactation consultant teaches this class. You will learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, preparing for breastfeeding, positioning and latch-on techniques, common breastfeeding problems and how to manage breastfeeding and working. Learn more about our lactation program.

  • Breastfeeding friends
    A certified lactation leads this free, weekly breastfeeding mothers’ group.  Mothers come together to share information, and provide support and encouragement to each other. The lactation consultant guides the discussion and lends her expertise as needed.

  • Bringing baby home
    This evidence-based and research-tested class developed by the renowned Gottman Institute, helps couples navigate the transition from life as a couple to life with a baby, with a focus on developing skills to remain connected with each other and bond with baby.

  • Grandparent’s class
    This class prepares grandparents-to-be for the arrival of their grandchild by focusing on what’s changed since they were new parents, and how to transition from the role of parent to grandparent.

  • Basic baby care
    This interactive class provides you and your partner with a chance to practice basic infant care. You will learn how to handle crying, diapering and bathing and what to expect during the first weeks at home. Learn more about newborn care.

  • Infant CPR
    This innovative learning program is designed to teach core skills of infant CPR. You will practice infant CPR with an experienced educator who will guide you during class. You’ll take home the American Heart Association’s Infant CPR Anytime® kit so that you can continue to practice and teach others what to do in an emergency.

  • Infant massage
    In this class, certified infant massage instructors teach the art of massaging infants. If you are pregnant, you can learn and practice with a doll. If your baby has arrived, you’ll learn with your baby.

  • New mother - New baby
    Mothers and babies attend this class together in the weeks after birth.  Mothers and babies learn how to thrive together in the sometimes challenging first months.

  • Scheduling & sleep

This class explores the evidence behind infant scheduling and sleep, and answers your questions so that you can determine the best approach for your family.

  • Preparing for multiples private consultation
    This one-on-one consultation is customized to provide the special information your family needs when expecting multiples.

  • Preparing for your newborn's hospitalization
    This class is designed exclusively for parents whose babies have received a prenatal diagnosis and will be hospitalized in intensive care after birth.

  • Sibling class
    Texas Children's Hospital Child Life specialists conduct this 1-hour class designed to prepare siblings for the arrival of their new brother or sister.

  • Adult tour
    The adult tour is designed to orient you to the Pavilion for Women.