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October 04, 2017 | Levi Strauss, father of patient
IMG_1884 Photo by Julie Soefer

A little background … My wife Rachel and I fell in love and dated long distance (Houston to Detroit) for just over a year before we got engaged. My love was so strong for her, the only thing that made sense was if my proposal took place in the center of a heart made by picture frames and pictures of our adventures together.

September 27, 2017 | Texas Children's Pavilion for Women

2k17-0229-AK4_6356 NICU

September 20, 2017 | Texas Children's Pavilion for Women
BumpBlogImage At Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, we care for women and children from preconception, to long after the birth of the child. We are dedicated to obstetrics, gynecology and fetal intervention because we know to improve the health of children, we must start with mothers. To help you get to know our physicians better, we decided to sit down with them and do a short Q&A.
September 13, 2017 | Pavilion for Women

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August 23, 2017 | Pavilion for Women

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