The Pavilion for Women at Texas Children's Hospital
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    Our practice provides quality OB/GYN care in a supportive environment. Contact us at 713-797-1144.

    The Women’s Specialists of Houston at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is a multispecialty group practice of board-certified obstetricians/gynecologists, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physician assistants committed to improving the healthcare of women and their families.

    In 1994, seven physicians, led by Dr. Edward Yosowitz, merged their successful, private practices to form The Women’s Specialists of Houston. The group became the first private OB/GYN practice in Houston to fully integrate nurse midwives, offering an alternative option for families in the community. The Nurse Midwifery service has grown to four midwives, delivering over three hundred babies annually.

    Our staff provides innovative care

    Our physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physician assistant collaborate and offer individualized care that emphasizes educating you and your family on how you can improve your health. Our high-quality care is based on current evidence-based research and the best available therapies.  

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    Access to specialized services

    Because our practice is in Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, our specialists have access to the world-class Texas Children’s Fetal Center and Texas Children’s Newborn Center, including levels 2 and 4 neonatal intensive care units and other specialties.

    We provide comprehensive OB/GYN services, including:

    Pediatric and adolescent gynecology

    Provided by Dr. Damla Dryden, who focuses on evaluating and treating children and adolescents with gynecological disorders.

    Gynecology services

    Including routine care such as pelvic exams, breast exams and cancer screenings; care for menstrual problems; treatment for ovarian disorders; office diagnostic procedures such as colposcopy and bone density studies; and in-office procedures, including endometrial ablasions and tubal ligation.

    Gynecology surgery and treatment

    Including laparoscopy, hysterectomy, pelvic floor repair and robot-assisted surgery.

    Basic infertility treatment

    All of our physicians provide basic infertility treatments.

    Prenatal obstetric services

    Including complete prenatal care such as ultrasound, pre-conception counseling, biophysical profiles and natural childbirth.

    High-risk obstetric services

    For high-risk pregnancy conditions, including gestational diabetes, multiple births, hypertension, pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, previous miscarriages and chronic diseases.

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