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Program for Multiples

Program for Multiples

We’ll help you prepare for multiple blessings. Our unique Program for Multiples offers you personalized services if you’re pregnant with 2 or more babies.

Knowing you’re having more than one baby can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We’re as concerned as you are about your health and the health of your babies. That’s why our Program for Multiples offers you genetic counseling, fetal imaging and nutritional guidance during the most crucial time of development.

We develop a personalized plan for you

Our experts work with you to develop a personalized health and nutrition plan for you and your babies designed to complement the regular prenatal care you receive from your primary physician. It is not meant to replace your obstetric care.

Your same-day consultation will include:

  • Maternal fetal medicine consultation
    A maternal fetal specialist will conduct a comprehensive assessment that outlines potential complications. The specialist will give you a customized pregnancy guide.

  • Comprehensive ultrasound
    You will receive an enhanced pregnancy ultrasound to determine key markers for potential risk conditions.

  • Genetic counseling and testing
    Our board-certified medical geneticists and genetic counselors will help you understand the purpose, risks, benefits and limits of fetal diagnostic procedures.

  • Personalized nutritional assessment
    Our registered dietitians will create a customized nutrition plan based on your unique needs.

Joining the program

  • Best time to participate
    We recommend that we see you during the first 11-13 6/7 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Call us to learn more
    To learn more about the Program for Multiples, call us at 832-826-7500, option 1. We look forward to helping you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies.
  • Self-referral
    You can complete a self-referral form to join the program.
    Complete and submit a self-referral form.
  • Physician referral
    You also can request a referral from your physician or prenatal care provider.
    Download a form for your obstetric provider
  • Meet up with other moms of multiples
    Find a local chapter of the Multiples of America.