Why are care instructions important?

Care instructions are the directions we provide and discuss with you at the end of your clinic visit or hospital stay. Telling you when and how to follow up and teaching you how to take care of yourself and your baby is an important part of your care and an important part of our responsibility to you. Good patient and caregiver instructions helps patients and families go home feeling more comfortable and confident, and can even help them avoid complications.

What does the care instructions score measure?

This score comes from the feedback we receive from you on specific questions in our patient experience survey. The score tells us how well we did as a team in giving you the instructions you need to care for yourself and your baby once you leave, and about how and when to follow-up based on your unique needs. The highest possible score is 100.

What can you do as a patient or parent?

Ask questions—we are here to help explain what you need to know. Tell us about any special needs or concerns you have. We are here to help you not only during your visit, but as you transition back home.

Complete our patient satisfaction survey and give us the important feedback we need to continually improve at giving you the care you need, and making sure you know what to expect after you leave. This survey is administered anonymously by Press Ganey, a third-party vendor, so while your provider and health care team get your valuable feedback, no one knows which patient it came from.