Why are wait times for the Women’s Assessment Center important?

Our Women’s Assessment Center is where you will go if you need to be evaluated for a possible unplanned admission to the hospital. We know how stressful coming to the hospital can be, and we know that minutes can feel like hours when you are waiting, especially when you aren’t quite sure what to expect next. Getting you out of the waiting room and into the Assessment Center quickly is an important part of giving you care at the right time to meet your needs.

What does the average wait time for the Women’s Assessment Center measure?

This is the average number of minutes that patients are waiting in the lobby before we take you to get settled into a room where you will be evaluated.

What can you do as a patient?

  • We know your time is important. We encourage you to pre-register at the Pavilion for Women by your 20th week of pregnancy. Pre-registering will help us have important information needed during any visit you make to the Women’s Assessment Center, reducing delays in your care.
  • Consider taking a tour or registering for classes that will help you know what to expect as you prepare for your admission. Knowing where to park, bringing your birth plan, and going over this hospital bag checklist may help you feel more prepared for your trip to the hospital.