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Direct Scheduling

Direct Scheduling

At your convenience, you can quickly and easily schedule an appointment online through MyChart.

Currently, Texas Children's Pavilion for Women allows you to directly schedule appointments through MyChart for the following areas:

Look for other departments to offer direct scheduling in the coming months.

How to Schedule an Appointment in MyChart

  1. From the patient's account, select Visits then click "Schedule an Appointment."
  2. Click "Specialty Visit."
  3. Follow the prompts and instructions.
  4. Appointment options will be provided. Select desired appointment.
  5. Review details and enter comments. Note: Comments are required.
  6. Click "Make Appointment."
  7. Finally, you can confirm the appointment and complete any pre-appointment questionnaires or details.

How to Cancel an Appointment in MyChart

  1. Select "Visits" from the tab options, and click "Cancel Appts."
  2. Choose the appointment you want to cancel, and click "Continue."
  3. Complete information, and click "Confirm Cancellation."

Please note: Appointments that are within the hour of the scheduled visit time are unable to be cancels online. This type of appointment is identified with an * and must be cancelled by calling the clinic directly.

Please contact the Customer Care Contact Center at 832-824-2778 if you have any questions about your appointments.