Our Mission

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women provides women, mothers and babies with a full continuum of high-quality, expert health care.

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Lifetime, well-woman care

Leading gynecologists and obstetricians take care of you before, during and after birth as well as throughout your life.

Calming surroundings

The Pavilion for Women features spa-like amenities and surroundings that create a soothing, therapeutic environment designed for your comfort.

Advanced treatment for babies

You can rest assured that your baby will receive advanced care from specialized teams in case of any complications.

Renowned neonatologists

Our neonatologists provide premature and sick babies with the most advanced care available.

Fetal specialists

Located inside of Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, the Texas Children's Fetal Center is one of a few worldwide with specialists in fetal diagnostic and intervention therapies.

High-level NICUs

Our combined level 2 and 3 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) offers specialty care for newborns. An additional level 4 NICU, located at Texas Children’s Hospital across the connecting bridge, gives babies more extensive support and access to dozens of pediatric subspecialists.