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Pavilion for Women's Blog

February 27, 2023

Frachtman Family

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women made one Austin woman’s dream of being a mom come true.

Natalie Frachtman, who lives in Austin with her husband Brandon, always hoped to become a mother. It was a chapter of life that she looked forward to with great expectation and excitement.  

February 23, 2023

Laptop typing

Mental health is a critical component of a woman’s treatment for endometriosis

As a reproductive psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Horst has seen the toll endometriosis pain can take on a woman’s mental health.

Her advice is robust, but it starts with early action. “The earlier patients receive the emotional support they need, the better their outcomes are,” said Dr. Horst, a women’s health specialist at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women and an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine.

December 09, 2022

Menopause women

Not very long ago, menopause was an area of women’s health that was rarely discussed. Even as post-partum health gained more exposure in the early 2000s, menopause was left behind.

That’s why there is a need to provide education and information about menopause with just as much transparency as any other women’s health issue. Menopause is defined as the change in a woman’s body that typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, largely marking the end of menstruation.

December 07, 2022

Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder is extremely common. Treatment options can help you live a full life.

More than 50 percent of women are struggling with insecurities, shame and a minimized life because of an overactive bladder. Overactive bladder is the name for a group of symptoms that include feeling that you need to urinate urgently, needing to urinate frequently during the day and night, and sometimes incontinence or leaking urine with the “gotta go” feeling. It is a condition that is extremely common — and treatable — in women around the world.

November 21, 2022

Northwest Texas twins saved by Texas Children’s Fetal Center

It’s a long drive from Dalhart in the Texas panhandle, the northern most part of the state, to Houston.

Approximately 600 miles.

But that’s exactly the drive doctors told the DeJong family they needed to make to save their twins’ lives.

When she was 18 weeks pregnant, Jessica DeJong and her husband, Patrick, received some dire news about the health of their twin daughters. Cornelia and Eleanor were showing signs of twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), which — if left untreated — can be life-threatening for one or both babies.

Jessica’s obstetrician noticed that Cornelia had too much amniotic fluid around her, while Eleanor had too little.