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May 10, 2021 | Natika Elam

Photo courtesy of Natika Elam

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Natika Elam looked forward to so many exciting things in 2020. Last summer, she got married to the love of her life, and then a few months later, she and her husband, Alex, welcomed identical twin daughters, Avery Sofia and Blake Alexandra, into their family.

“Our girls are so precious,” Natika said. “They are 6-months old now, and they’re doing great. Avery is 14 pounds and Blake, our little peanut, is just over 13 pounds but definitely trying to catch up to her sister. While my pregnancy had a few ups and downs, we’re so blessed to see our babies thriving and growing...

April 29, 2021 | Jadrien Grimes

Photo courtesy of Jadrien Grimes

Jadrien and McCall Grimes are proud parents of two adorable girls, 5-year-old Eleanor and 2-year-old Emmeline. When the couple found out they were expecting again, they were surprised and overjoyed. This time, they’d be welcoming a boy into their family. Like many expectant parents, the Grimeses couldn’t wait to meet their son, and they were excited for their girls to become big sisters to their baby brother.

Just like Jadrien’s uneventful pregnancies with their two girls, the couple didn’t expect this one to be any different. On Sept. 24, 2020, Jadrien and her husband looked forward to their baby’s 20-week anatomy...

April 12, 2021 | Lauren Bailey

Photo courtesy of Lauren Bailey

As a first-time, expectant mother, Lauren Bailey was excited about the thought of being called “mommy” one day. As each month passed, her baby was getting bigger and her pregnancy was progressing smoothly. But, things soon changed during her baby’s routine 20-week anatomy scan in Oct. 2020.

Lauren’s OB/GYN noticed an abnormal growth on her placenta. It was a chorioangioma, a benign, vascular tumor. Chorioangiomas occur in an estimated 1% of pregnancies. Small chorioangiomas typically cause no symptoms and complications. If the chorioangioma is large, measuring more than 4 cm., in some cases, it can pose serious risks...

April 09, 2021 | Xiaoming Guan, MD, PhD

Photo courtesy of Allen Kramer (Texas Children's Pavilion for Women)

As Division Chief of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women®, I frequently see patients with complex surgical needs. Thanks to amazing advances in robotic single-site technology and traditional single-site and transvaginal Natural Orifice Endoscopy Surgery (NOTES) for advanced pelvic surgery, many conditions – like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic prolapse, hysterectomies and reproductive cancers – can be performed using minimally invasive techniques.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in advancing surgical care for our patients. As an...

March 22, 2021 | Grayson Valentine

Family photo courtesy of Grayson Valentine

Expectant parents Grayson and Sean Valentine and their two children had just moved to their new home in Birmingham, AL in August 2020. As they settled into their new place, the couple also looked forward to their upcoming ultrasound appointment to catch a glimpse of baby number three on the large screen. But, a few weeks later, the Valentines would soon be packing their bags once again. This time, they were headed to Houston, TX.

“During my daughter’s 24-week anatomy scan, my OB/GYN in Alabama noticed something irregular on the ultrasound,” Grayson said. “After undergoing an amniocentesis and other...