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New Baby Bistro At Pavilion For Women Helps Houston Mothers Breastfeed



You might wonder, “What the heck is a Baby Bistro?” At Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, it’s where babies eat! More specifically, it’s a place where mothers can come for breastfeeding help and support from certified lactation consultants. Many of the common breastfeeding challenges occur once mother and baby are home. Our goal is to provide a convenient, comfortable space with highly skilled lactation consultants to help a mother navigate the ups and downs of her breastfeeding journey. Common Breastfeeding Challenges The most common concern that mothers have in the early weeks of breastfeeding is, “Is my baby getting enough?” Breasts aren’t like a bottle with lines to measure how much your baby drinks each time. So how do you know? We know breastfed babies are getting enough milk by watching their diapers and weight. However, for many mothers some extra reassurance is nice to have. At the Baby Bistro we can actually measure how much milk your baby takes from the breast. This is done by weighing your baby before and after breastfeeding, on a very accurate scale (in grams). This is very helpful information for mothers to have and helps the lactation consultant create a plan specific for you. This measurement can be done as part of the lactation consultation visit or a mother can do it on her own, free of charge, in the Baby Bistro. We have a scale available for mothers to drop in and weigh their baby and a private seating area to breastfeed and weigh again. Our lactation team is available to help you and your baby 7 days a week. Stop by the Baby Bistro, located inside the Bella Luna Boutique, on the 3rd floor of the Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, to weigh your baby or schedule a one-on-one appointment with a certified lactation consultant by calling (832) 826-8881.

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