Midwife Services at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women

Becoming a midwife was part calling and part admiration for the midwives I witnessed growing up in England. I knew I wanted to assist women with health decisions and especially be involved in one of life’s most transformative experiences – childbirth.The midwifery philosophy acknowledges pregnancy and birth as normal physiological events in a woman’s life. When a woman chooses our practice and comes to the hospital for the birth, she will have a midwife with her throughout labor. Midwifery guidance and support ensures that labor and the birth progress is undisturbed. Midwives believe in being with women, assisting them to have the birth they desire. We teach and strongly encourage women to practice the mind-body connection, which helps prepare them for a satisfying birth. At Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, our team of six Certified Nurse Midwives practices with The Women’s Specialists of Houston. Our patients choose to birth with a midwife and have comfort in knowing that if their pregnancy becomes high-risk they can be referred to physicians within the group. The hospital has an intimate and soothing environment but in the event emergency care is needed, women are assured that they are in a state-of-the-art facility with world-class expertise readily available. Hear from one of our patient families who recently delivered with our practice, in this video.