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March 23, 2022 | Xiaoming Guan, MD, PhD

Endometriosis is a disease in which uterine-like tissues grow out of place and become inflamed during a woman’s menstrual cycle even though the tissues are outside the uterus. The condition can be difficult to diagnose because of its “vague” symptoms, which include lower abdominal pain, abnormal periods and fatigue. In fact, surgery is necessary for a definitive diagnosis. As a result, many women see multiple specialists before finding relief.

See an endometriosis specialist if you have:

  • Severe period pain not relieved with over-the-counter medications.
  • Period-related pain in other areas, such as the bowels or urinary tract.
  • Family...
March 17, 2022 | Geoffrey Schnider, MD

Endometriosis is a disease that occurs when the tissue normally found in the uterus begins to grow on other abdominal organs, such as the fallopian tubes or the intestines. Women who have endometriosis may experience intense pain with their menstrual periods, chronic fatigue and infertility.

With decades of experience in women’s health, Geoffrey Schnider, MD, obstetrics and gynecology specialist at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women, has identified five key misconceptions about endometriosis and provided critical information about each of them.

Myth #1: I received a diagnosis of endometriosis at my clinic.

While endometriosis may be...

January 31, 2022 | Joseph Nassif, MD, MBA

The Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery (MIGS) program at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women provides advanced gynecological care by world-renowned professionals, who are also leading researchers in this field. Our consistently exceptional clinical and research outcomes led us to being accredited as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology Surgery by the Surgical Review Corporation, an internationally recognized patient safety organization.

Minimally invasive gynecological procedures have several advantages over traditional surgery. Patients undergoing these procedures have limited or no hospitalization, minimal post-operative pain, shorter...

January 20, 2022 |

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate gratitude, and for Sherresa Henderson last Thanksgiving was an especially grateful season. Just two days after the holiday her and her husband, Joseph, were blessed with their miracle baby boy, Braylen, born on November 27, 2021 weighing 2 pounds and 12 ounces.

Henderson’s journey to motherhood was not without struggle – after suffering unknown infertility for 10 years along with several pregnancy losses over the course of the past three years, her decade-long dream to have a baby finally came true.

She lost two healthy pregnancies in 2020, both at 17 weeks, due to an incompetent cervix. Also referred to as a cervical...

December 03, 2021 | Devorah Tendler

Photo courtesy of Devorah Tendler

Devorah and Elazar Tendler relocated to Israel in 2019, and were living the dream life. Devorah had recently applied to graduate school while her husband was finishing his rabbinic training. As they got acquainted to their new life in Israel, the couple found out they were expecting their second baby, a daughter due in October 2021.

“We were excited to expand our family,” Devorah said. “Just like my first pregnancy, everything was going well the second time around until my baby’s 20-week anatomy scan. As I watched my baby on the ultrasound screen, my OB-GYN noticed something unusual. He told me it appeared my...