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January 31, 2018 | Kimberly Schulz, patient and mother of patient

At 24 weeks, we discovered our little guy had hydronephorsis. His bladder was full and the urine was backing up into his kidneys. We were terrified! We searched endlessly for answers, and looked for any hope and help we could find. 

At the time Google directed us to a different fetal center. There we received a very glim outlook. A horrific picture was painted for us and our baby’s future. We felt helpless, scared and were given very little hope. We continued to search for help and answers. 

Our prayers started to be answered as we found Texas Children’s Fetal Center. When I was about 26 weeks into my pregnancy, we met with Florence (our nurse support and...

January 24, 2018 | Lacey Prejean, patient and mother of patient

Dec. 6, 2016 is the day that changed our lives forever. It was the day I was going in to hear my sweet baby's heartbeat at our local hospital in Louisiana and to find out everything was OK … but to my surprise I had an ultrasound done that showed Eli's bladder was very enlarged and completely filled with urine and it had no way to escape.

I found myself in complete heartache and pain because I had no idea what this finding would mean for our son, but I knew it wasn't good. We were seen by a maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist the very next day who diagnosed Eli with LUTO (lower urinary track obstruction). It is a condition that's very uncommon. It happens to 1...

January 17, 2018 | Julie Desselles, patient and mother of patient

My husband and I have been together for 11 years, three of those married. Soon after exchanging vows, we decided we were ready to grow our family. However, my cycles were irregular and after visiting my OB/GYN, I was placed on medication to help regulate them. After a few months we realized I also needed medication to help me ovulate. 

It took a few tries adjusting the dosage, but a few months later, a home pregnancy test confirmed what we were hoping for – we were expecting! Our joy quickly turned to fear and sadness though as I began spotting. I immediately called my OB's office and went in for an hCG test – a blood test that measures the levels of a hormone that...

January 10, 2018 | Beth R. Davis, MD, Helen A. Dunnington, MD

Many people are surprised to learn that one in every four to five pregnancies may result in miscarriage. Additionally, approximately 15 percent of women have more than one miscarriage. If you or a loved one are grieving from a recent miscarriage, it is important to know you are not alone and, more than anything, know it is not your fault.

Below are the answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive from women who have experienced a miscarriage loss.

Does one miscarriage mean I’m more likely to have another?

Not necessarily; after one miscarriage your risk of a future miscarriage is about 20 percent. However, after two consecutive...

December 28, 2017 | Kirsten, mother of patient

In the following hours and days, the NICU team continually adjusted Jordan’s support to find the perfect levels she needed to be steady enough for her surgery. It was a long scary three days, but she showed us she had a lot of fight. The decision was made to have her hernia correction surgery on day 3 of life. It was the longest four hours of our lives.