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Andrology is the science of conditions of men, specifically related to the male reproductive system. Male infertility contributes to about half of all infertility cases. At the Family Fertility Center Andrology Laboratory, we offer male fertility testing in a highly trained and private setting.

We have professional staff who can help you understand this very personal area of medical testing. Our hours are designed to accommodate your busy schedule, including Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm and in some cases, Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm by appointment. To make an appointment, call 832-826-7500.

We gladly accommodate the needs of our patients and offer the following services to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility:

Semen analysis

Our semen analyses are comprehensive; we assess standard parameters such as semen volume, sperm concentration, motility and sperm motion (forward progression). Sperm morphology is included with all semen analysis services and is evaluated using the Kruger Strict criteria. In addition, observation of color, viscosity, agglutination (clumping), liquefaction and white blood cell (WBC), pH, immature sperm cells are also noted in the determining of male fertility.

Specimens for semen analysis are accepted Monday through Friday by appointment. On and off-site collections are also available. There should be two to three days (no more than five days) of sexual abstinence before specimen collection. Results are reported directly to the requesting physicians within seven to 10 business days after collection.

Sperm processing for intrauterine insemination

Sperm processing for IUI is processed using fresh or frozen specimens. The semen sample must be washed and concentrated to a small volume for intrauterine insemination. The washing, performed with sterile media containing antibiotics and protein, removes the seminal plasma. Concentration to a small volume optimizes the retention of motile sperm.

Specimens are accepted for this procedure Monday through Friday and in some cases, Saturday and Sunday by appointment only. The processing time for thawing or washing specimens is 30 minutes to 2 hours. Completed specimens along with a final report will be transported as indicated by the patient's physician.

Cryoperservation of sperm

Cryopreserved specimens are available for storage for patients undergoing treatment for infertility. The andrology lab now offers elective sperm freezing. Patients may contact the nurse coordinator for the IVF program to learn more.

We are certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), recognized for proficiency standards by American Association of Bioanalysis (AAB) and FDA-registered to offer quality male fertility testing to physicians and their patients in the Houston area.