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Stomach pains you shouldn't ignore (Click 2 Houston - 5/8/18)
Cramping is a condition about 50% of women tolerate once a month, according to reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Amy Schutt with Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women.

Common infertility myths part 2 (Pavilion for Women's Blog - 7/20/16)
Roughly 12 percent of those in the reproductive-age population are affected by infertility. There are a lot of myths floating around about infertility. 

Conceiving After Cancer (TMC Pulse - 5/4/16)
By integrating a desire to have children into care plans, MD Anderson and Texas Children’s are ensuring dreams of building a family are not dashed by cancer

My infertility story (Pavilion for Women's Blog - 4/25/16)
Dr. Amy Schutt tells her own personal experience which has taken her full circle as she joins the team at the Family Fertility Center.

Common Infertility Myths Part 1 (Pavilion for Women's Blog - 9/17/15)
There are a lot of myths floating around about infertility and many of them are not based on facts.