Fetal Cardiology Program at Texas Children’s Fetal Center

Fetal Cardiology

Since the 1980s, Texas Children’s Fetal Cardiology Program has provided comprehensive fetal cardiac care to improve the lives of expecting families facing a concern for or risk of heart disease in the fetus.

Our expert care includes diagnosis, counseling, delivery planning and monitoring, and seamless transition to Texas Children’s Heart Center® after birth, for treatment from one of the nation’s premier providers of pediatric cardiology care.  This collaborative approach allows patients to receive the best possible care for mother and baby from a team of specialists located in Texas Children’s Fetal Center®  and Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women.  

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Why Choose Texas Children’s?

With our long history and high volume of patients we’ve had the privilege of treating over the years, we offer a rare level of expertise and experience in fetal cardiology. Our team currently includes 14 fetal cardiology providers highly trained in fetal cardiac imaging, one of the most important aspects of fetal medicine.

Our extensive experience caring for these tiniest of patients through gestation, delivery, and cardiology and cardiovascular surgical care, from infancy through adulthood, gives us unique insight and the ability to make highly accurate diagnoses and prognoses.


Why us?

Ranked #1 in Cardiology & Heart Surgery

By U.S. News & World Report

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As part of the Texas Children’s Heart Center®, ranked #1 in the nation for pediatric cardiology and heart surgery by U.S. News and World Report, we provide families with seamless access to the highest-quality pediatric cardiac care including surgery, critical care and outpatient services.

We are known for a family-centered approach that focuses on supporting and preparing you and your family every step of the way. We partner with our colleagues throughout Texas Children’s departments to provide comprehensive diagnosis, monitoring and educational resources, including a unique prenatal class to help prepare families whose newborns who will require intensive or inpatient care immediately after birth.

We strive to develop new cutting-edge treatments and therapies for fetal cardiac anomalies to provide more life-changing and life-saving care. We have a variety of promising clinical trials and research efforts in progress and a staff dedicated to serving as members of the Fetal Heart Society and other notable organizations that participate in international fetal cardiac studies.