Scheduled cesarean deliveries

At Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, our family-centered maternity care ensures that your experience isn’t just a procedure – it’s the birth of your child.

Birth prep and recovery

Mothers having a planned cesarean birth will prepare for surgery in a private birthing prep and recovery room. Here, you’ll be cared for by our Labor and Delivery nurses and staff.

Before the procedure, the mother is prepped and given pain medication. The medication usually comes in the form of an epidural and/or spinal, which numbs the mother from the abdomen down but leaves her awake for the birth of her child. In most situations, the mother's husband, partner or a support person of her choice can remain with her in the operating room during the baby's birth.

When surgery is complete, your new family returns to the birthing prep and recovery room for 2-4 hours, before moving to the Mother Baby Unit, located on the same floor, for the remainder of their hospital stay.

Your point-of-contact

You and our clinical nurse coordinator will establish a relationship and keep in constant contact about all scheduled procedures.