Maternal-Fetal Medicine Services

Our high-risk pregnancy programs provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment to help women with complex conditions achieve safe, healthy pregnancies.

Within each program, you’ll find an experienced team of specialists working together to reduce the risks these conditions pose to mother and baby.

Through this multidisciplinary care and coordinated approach, we are improving pregnancy outcomes and the patient experience. 


This one-day class, conducted by experts from across Texas Children's, helps parents prepare for their newborn's hospitalization in intensive care.

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Infectious Disease Clinic

Serving Patients and Providers with Concerns about Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy.

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Genetic Counselors

Genetic counselors provide you with education and advocacy. We’ll discuss your history, diagnostic procedures and how to get support when you need it.

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Maternal Heart Program

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is making pregnancy possible for women with heart disease through an innovative program that optimizes safety and outcomes in these high-risk pregnancies.

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Placenta Accreta Spectrum Program

Specialized, experienced care for placenta accreta, increta and percreta.

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Program for Multiples®

Our unique Program for Multiples provides personalized services, including genetic counseling and fetal imaging, if you’re expecting two or more babies.  

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Ultrasound Fetal Imaging

Ultrasound gives specialists an accurate picture of your unborn child. We use fetal imaging techniques to identify potential birth defects early and recommend next steps.