A special-care nursery providing acute neonatology care.

At Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, providing the very best care for you and your newborn is our priority. While most deliveries go smoothly, some babies need extra special care after they're born. Our blended-care NICU provides state-of-the-art medical care in a family-centered environment.

When your baby needs special care

According to the March of Dimes, 1 out of 10 newborns will need specialized, intensive care. Delivering at the Pavilion for Women gives you the peace of mind that our world-class, full-service NICU is available should your baby need that extra care.

Specialists at Texas Children's Fetal Center use technologically advanced procedures to diagnose health conditions as early as possible before a baby's birth. Some babies in the NICU at the Pavilion for Women are referred from our Fetal Center.

About our NICU

  • State-of-the-art facilities

At the Pavilion for Women, each of our 32 patient rooms is equipped with a breast pump and pull-out beds so parents can stay with their baby 24/7. Four of the rooms in the NICU unit are designed to accommodate multiples (twins or more).

Siblings are welcome to visit their new brother or sister and also use the playrooms located on the Pavilion NICU floor. The Ronald McDonald Family Room is available to families who have a baby in the Pavilion for Women NICU and supports a fully-equipped parent lounge. Showers are also available on the NICU floor.

  • Care from expert physicians and nurses

A Baylor College of Medicine neonatologist (newborn specialist) is in the NICU nursery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide care, assist in high-risk deliveries and consult with expectant parents. If you are having a high-risk pregnancy, you or your obstetrician can request a consultation with a neonatologist.

We provide a team approach to care that includes collaborative rounds. Rounds take place when doctors, nurses and other staff meet daily as a team to discuss your child's condition, progress and plan of care. At Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, you are also an important member of your child's team.

We are leaders in newborn care, employing a team of highly skilled professionals that collaborates with all disciplines to provide the very best care for your newborn. Our approach is family-centered and values families as important members of the care team.

  • Additional NICU services

Your baby may benefit from additional services offered in our NICU, including physical therapy and music therapy. Consult your neonatologist for more information.

  • Our connection to West Tower

We are committed to providing care that meets your baby's unique needs. While our goal at the Pavilion for Women is to keep mother and baby together, in some circumstances a newborn will need complex care and access to specialists. In those cases, the baby will be moved to the Level IV NICU in the West Tower at Texas Children's Hospital, where a wide array of pediatric sub-specialists is available. For the comfort and safety of babies who are moved, a private, patient-only bridge connects the Pavilion for Women to West Tower.