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Our Team

Our Team

An expert team of professionals

  • Neonatal nurses

Our registered nurses are highly specialized in the care of very sick or premature infants and are integral to the exceptional care provided in our NICUs. Texas Children’s supports advanced training and certification for all professional nurses in this area of medicine, making them a knowledgeable and critical part of our dedicated team of professionals

  • Respiratory therapists

Neonatal respiratory therapists apply high-tech life support with compassionate hands-on care to help babies breathe. They manage mechanical ventilators, perform blood gas analysis and monitor a baby’s lung function.

  • Occupational and physical therapists

These specialists help hospitalized babies learn the skills they need to leave the hospital. At Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, our occupational and physical therapists often continue to work with babies after they go home

  • Social workers

The social worker delivers comprehensive psychosocial care to patients and their families. Some common triggers for social work involvement include: counseling, resources, discharge planning, transfers to other facilities, home health, DME needs, coping with hospital stay and illness, family issues, diagnoses, financial concerns, and caring for other children.