Safe Care

We commit to providing care that helps you, and avoids causing you harm.

Here are some of the ways we work to meet this commitment:

  • Daily Safety Brief - Every morning, leaders across the Pavilion for Women come together to focus on keeping patients safe.
  • Safety Rounds -Physician, nursing, and hospital leaders spend time with the front-line team members to ask them how we can make taking care of you safer. Then we work together to put their suggestions into action.
  • Safety Coach Program - Front-line team members receive specialized training to become safety leaders on their units.
  • Big Data - Using innovative technology, hospital leaders and specialists in quality improvement measure what matters, and how we are performing at keeping you safe. Knowing how we are doing is the first step to being the best at getting better.
  • Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction Teams - Special teams of doctors, nurses, and other health care experts work together to focus on preventing conditions we know that hospitals can sometimes cause, such as surgical site infections. Working together helps us prevent treatment-related infections and other complications that can happen when you come to the hospital​

Here are some of the ways we measure how we are doing at meeting this commitment: