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Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics

A number of birth defects can be detected before birth because of the world-class imaging and diagnostics available at Texas Children’s Fetal Center®.


Advanced imaging

We perform routine screening for first and second trimester pregnancies, nuchal translucency assessment, detailed anatomic surveys, fetal growth evaluation, and antenatal assessment for obstetrical complications.

Fetal echocardiography

Imaging the fetal heart with ultrasound technology to understand the fetal cardiac structure, function and rhythm.

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Fetal Neurosonology

We offer unique expertise in fetal neurosonology, an advanced imaging technique that provides more detailed images of your baby’s brain.  

The specialized ultrasound exam is used to detect brain anomalies in cases where:

  • the fetus is at risk of a brain abnormality, or
  • there is a suspicion of abnormality following a basic ultrasound exam.

Using multiple views and measurements, our specialists obtain a more thorough assessment of the fetal brain structures and a greater level of detail, improving the detection of anomalies.

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Genetic counseling

Experienced genetic counselors provide education and support to families regarding the risks, causes and tests related to genetic and fetal conditions. We work with families to:

  • Discuss the potential cause(s) of fetal conditions
  • Make recommendations for further genetic testing
  • Offer modern and comprehensive methods for genetic diagnosis, such as chromosomal microarray analysis
  • Offer emerging new genetic tests, such as whole exome sequencing, for the most complex fetal conditions
  • Explain the purpose of and meaning of results from complex genetic testing

Invasive diagnostics