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Referrals to Texas Children's Fetal Center

You can have confidence knowing that when you refer your patients to Texas Children's Fetal Center, they will not only receive the best possible fetal evaluation and treatment, but they will also be treated with care and compassion. We are staffed and supported for surgical or medical intervention 7 days a week, year-round.

In some cases, your patient’s insurance plan may require them to be referred to another site for an initial evaluation. If you’d like your patient to be seen by our specialists here at Texas Children’s Fetal Center®, we welcome an opportunity to provide an expert second opinion to help them make the most informed decisions. There is no charge for the initial review of records and ultrasounds, and most insurance companies cover second-opinion evaluations.

To refer a patient to Texas Children's Fetal Center for consultation for a fetal anomaly, fetal intervention and fetal surgery, contact us:

Online: Submit an online referral form.

By phone: Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 832-822-2229 or toll-free 877-338-2579.

By teleconsultation: An on-demand medical communication using secure video. Learn More

By email: (For urgent matters, contact us by phone.)

By fax: Fax a referral form, along with all necessary medical records, to 832-824-7333.


Texas Children's Fetal Center physicians have developed a series of medical algorithms to offer guidance for health care professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of several fetal conditions.

Please call toll-free 1-877-FetalRx (338-2579) if you would like to discuss a specific case or diagnosis with a physician from Texas Children’s Fetal Center.