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Teleconsultation Services

What is Teleconsultation?

Fetal Center Teleconsultation is an on-demand, provider-to-provider medical communication using a secure video platform to bring the teams face to face in real-time to discuss potential cases. Given this is a provider to provider service and is intended to replace the phone call, there is no charge.   Providers may invite their patients to be present if desired.

What kind of instances would this apply?

  • At the time of a new referral to do a case hand-off
  • When a provider would like to review a case or new finding with a member of our Fetal Team.
  • When a provider seeks more information about our program or care offerings.
  • Prior to sending a patient to be evaluated from an extended distance.
  • To review complex cases or Fetal Intervention inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Upon provider request

How it works?

  1. Call our office at 832-822-2229 to request a teleconsultation.
  2. Alternately, upon receiving a referral for a potential fetal intervention candidate, complex case, or a patient is being referred from a distant location we will offer this service.
  3. Same day or within 24-48 hours of the referral is preferred.  Timing for the virtual meeting is mostly dependent upon when the referring provider is available. In most instances, we are able to offer a meeting within an hour of request during daytime business hours in most instances.   
  4. Once a time is agreed upon, our team will send a formal outlook invite with video connection instructions.

Prior to the meeting

  • All meeting attendees should download the VidyoConnect app (Apple App Store or Google Play for Android) at least 1 hour before your meeting.
  • Five minutes before your scheduled consultation time, click the meeting link in the email you received about your Texas Children’s Fetal Center Visit. A browser link will open. Click to 'join the call'. If prompted, tell your device to open in the VidyoConnect App.
  • Enter your display name and click join. First time users may need to accept the terms and conditions.
  • If prompted, allow access to your microphone and camera.
Call us at 832-822-2229 to schedule your teleconsultation today!