Our Approach to Care

At Texas Children’s Fetal Center® it’s not just the remarkable treatments and outcomes that set us apart.

It’s how we care for you.

What your family is going through is hard. We do everything we can to make it easier.

This center was built with a focus on easing the burden for our patients and their families. We are here to make getting the care you need easier, more convenient, less stressful. And to provide you and your family the most supportive, compassionate, caring environment possible.

You have your own nurse, and it feels like it.

From your first phone call, you will be connected with your own “nurse coordinator.” For these unique RNs, it’s not just an assignment – it’s a calling. They are your personal advocate. Your guide to help you and your family understand what the journey ahead will look like, based on the needs of you and your baby, and to help you navigate every inch of the way. They are a bridge to the rest of the remarkable team assembled to bring you the best possible care and outcomes. Someone to look in the eye at any time and get answers, information, reassurance and support.

You can expect us to come to you.

In this state-of-the-art fetal center, there may be hundreds of people involved over the course of your care, expertly meeting the needs of you and your baby. Most of your care takes place in one centralized location, The Maternal Fetal Center, where specialty care providers come to you, gathering collectively to care for your individual needs.

You have a place at the table.

You and your family sit at the table with your care team as we transparently discuss and make decisions together regarding your treatment. You are equally engaged in the dialogue. Have you thought about this? Are you comfortable with that? We believe in helping your family make decisions that are right for you through individual education and our full support.

Everyone knows you, every step of the way.

You’ll see familiar faces throughout your journey, providing comfort and continuity as you transition to each stage of care. Every “handoff” is carefully planned, with constant communication across our team members and a focus on anticipating your every need, with a lot of follow up along the way. It never feels separate. From outpatient to inpatient, our team is there for you at every turn.

No promises, but a lot of hope.

That’s why patients come to us. Whatever your family is facing, you can come here with confidence knowing our team will work tirelessly to provide you and your baby the ultimate in care for the treatment of complex pregnancies involving fetal abnormalities.