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A study investigating the influence of the Materna Prep device in first-time moms on pelvic muscle injuries with delivery and the length of the labor.

Goals of Study

To understand if using the Materna Prep device may help:

  • Prevent pelvic muscle injuries
  • Minimize tearing
  • Impact time spent in labor

Learning About Vagina and Pelvic Muscles

Just like stretching before a run, we want to see if using Materna Prep a few hours before delivery will help vagina and pelvic muscles in similar ways.

Funded by The National Institutes of Health (NIH)

CAUTION:  Investigationl medical device. Limited by United States law to investigational use.

Study Visits

Day of Delivery

A dedicated research coordinator will work with you during Materna Prep's study. Your OB/GYN or midwife will continue with your clinical care.

Materna Prep is inserted a few hours before giving birth and gradually expands over an hour. Before the baby is delivered, Materna Prep is removed.

Three months after delivery

A follow-up exam and ultrasound will occur, which can coincide with your normal OB/GYN or midwife appointments.


You may qualify if you are a first-time mother who is at least 18-years old, you and your doctor or midwife expect you will deliver at full term, will have a vaginal delivery, and if you plan to use an epidural.

Ask your doctor or midwife if the Materna Prep Clinical Trial is right for you.

Ready to get started? 



There is no cost to participate. Patients who qualify will receive a $150 honorarium (in the form of a gift card).