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The Women's Specialists of Houston

Improving women’s health and their healthcare choices, through traditional and midwifery OB/GYN care

Welcome to The Women’s Specialists of Houston, a trusted OB/GYN practice known for our experienced physicians and midwives, high-quality care, and uniquely supportive environment.

Our large, multispecialty group includes board-certified OB/GYNs, certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners and a board-certified radiologist, all dedicated to providing inclusive, patient-centered care and the latest evidenced-based treatments, improving the lives of women and their families. 

A Pioneer in Women’s Healthcare Options

In 1994, seven physicians, led by Dr. Edward Yosowitz, merged their successful, private practices to form The Women’s Specialists of Houston. We were the first private practice in Houston to fully integrate nurse midwives into our practice, offering the community an alternative to traditional OB/GYN care.

Today, we are home to one of the largest hospital-based, private midwifery practices in Texas, with six midwives delivering over 250 babies annually.  

Our Multispecialty Group

From the beginning, the quality and experience of our specialists set this practice apart, attracting local, regional and international patients. We frequently serve multiple generations from the same family – the ultimate reflection of the trust patients place in our providers.  

Our collaborative team includes:

  • OB/GYNs – A distinguished and diverse team of board-certified OB/GYNs offering a spectrum of gynecologic and obstetric expertise to improve women’s health across their lifespan.
  • Midwives– Our master’s prepared Certified Nurse Midwives serve as primary providers, offering their patients an alternative approach that views pregnancy as a normal healthy event, rather than a medical condition.  
  • Nurse Practitioners – Nurse Practitioners partner with our OB/GYNs to help care for patients, increasing appointment availability and access to care, reducing wait times, and improving patient satisfaction.

Convenient, Online Access

Our patients enjoy the time-saving benefits of MyChart, an online tool that allows you to quickly, easily and securely:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Email non-urgent questions and photos to your health care team
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Complete medical forms/questionnaires at home before your appointment
  • View your medical records
  • Pay your bill

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  • Address: 6620 Main Street, Suite 1300, Houston, TX 77030
  • Phone: 713-797-1144
  • Fax: 713-797-0556
  • After Hours: A nurse and physician are available 24/7 for your after-hour concerns, through our answering service.