Caraciolo J. Fernandes, MD, MBA


School Education Degree Year
University of Tennessee masters Master of Business Admnistration 2018
Baylor College of Medicine residency Pediatrics 1998
Baylor College of Medicine fellowship Neonatal-Perinatal 1997
King Edward Memorial Hospital fellowship Neonatology 1993
Grant Medical College - India residency Pediatrics 1989
Grant Medical College - India medical school Doctor of Medicine 1986
Grant Medical College - India internship Rotating Internship 1986

Personal Statement

Dr. Caraciolo Fernandes is an academic neonatologist whose clinical experience and training spans three different countries/continents (India/Asia, Australia and the United States) and over three decades. He has been at Texas Children’s and Baylor College of Medicine since 1994.

In the Texas Children’s Hospital Newborn Center, he serves as the Medical Director for Neonatal Transport. He was the founding Program Director for the Section of Neonatology’s Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) programs from 2015 to 2020.

As a clinician-educator, he enjoys working with Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) students, residents and fellows whose questioning minds help him learn daily. He is actively involved in various aspects of Neonatology Fellows’ education, including crafting the Baylor Neo ‘Summer School’, mentoring fellows, clinical bedside teaching, ECMO rounds, etc. He enjoys participating in multi-disciplinary clinical research, quality improvement (QI) initiatives, simulation training for fellows, and discussions about challenging diagnostic and ethical clinical cases. He is a BCM QI Faculty and Coach in the Baylor Institute for Continuing Professional Development in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.

Nationally, he is a past member of Executive Committee of the Section of Transport Medicine of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and an editor of the inaugural edition of the Field Guide for Air and Ground Transport of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients that was introduced at the AAP National conference in Orlando, FL in November 2018. He is a senior editor of “Guidelines for the Acute Care of the Neonate,” currently in its 29th annual revision, a handbook that has served as a resource for health-caregivers at Baylor-affiliated institutions for over two decades, and, currently, for practitioners in over 50 countries. In 2013, with a vision of improving neonatal care globally, the Baylor Neonatology Section made the .pdf version of the “Baylor Neo Guidelines” available for free download for all caregivers who wished a copy.


Organization Name Role
American Academy of Pediatrics Member; Editor (inaugural edition, 2018) Field Guide for Air and Ground Transport of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients; Past Member of the Executive Committee of the Section of Transport Medicine
Indian Academy of Pediatrics Member
Texas Pediatric Society Committee Member on Fetus and Newborn

Selected Publications

Bruns AS, Lau PE, Dhillon GS, Hagan J, Kailin JA, Mallory GB, Lohmann P, Olutoye OO, Ruano R, Fernandes CJ. Predictive value of oxygenation index for outcomes in left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia. J Pediatr Surg 2018.

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