Lauren Dewey, NP


MGH Institute of Health ProfessionsmastersMaster of Science in Nursing2020
MGH Institute of Health ProfessionsbachelorsBachelor of Science in Nursing2020
University of Massachusetts, AmherstbachelorsBachelor of Science, Psychology/Neuroscience2014

Personal Statement

I aim to provide sensitive, empathetic care to all, creating a welcoming environment to address one’s health and well-being. I believe all patients deserve a safe space to voice their concerns and be heard, especially those who have previously experienced bias and/or discrimination in the health care system. I am passionate about patient education, not only to provide patients with greater insight regarding their health, but to ensure they are active, willing participants in the care recommended to them. I am committed to maintaining a patient-centered approach to those who entrust me with their care, and am humbled by the opportunity to support them throughout their journey in reproductive medicine.  

Clinical Interests:

Reproductive justice; serving marginalized, vulnerable and/or underserved populations; ovulation induction; intrauterine insemination; irregular menstruation; polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); prenatal care 


Organization NameRole
American Society for Reproductive MedicineMember; ASRM Practice Group

Selected Publications

Geiger S, Kocher N, Illinsky D, Xylinas E, Chang P, Dewey L, Wagner AA, Petros F, Matin SF, Tobert C, Tracy C, Patard PM, Roumiguie M, Monteiro LL, Kassouf W, Raman JD. Comparison of the Comprehensive Complication Index and Clavien-Dindo systems in predicting perioperative outcomes following radical nephroureterectomy. Transl Androl Urol. 2020 Aug;9(4):1780-1785. doi: 10.21037/tau.2020.01.16. PMID: 32944540; PMCID: PMC7475662. 

Althaus AB, Chang P, Mao J, Olugbade K, Taylor K, Dewey L, Percy A, Crociani C, McNally K, Wagner AA. Patient-Reported Quality of Life and Convalescence After Minimally Invasive Kidney Cancer Surgery. Urology. 2020 Oct;144:123-129. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2020.06.020. Epub 2020 Jun 27. PMID: 32603743. 

Chang P, Renehan P, Taylor KN, Dewey LE, McAnally KC, Hyde S, Crociani CM, Carneiro A, Beaule LT, Wagner AA. Societal costs of localized renal cancer surgery. Can J Urol. 2018 Aug;25(4):9401-9406. PMID: 30125519. 

Wagner AA, Cheng PJ, Carneiro A, Dovirak O, Khosla A, Taylor KN, Crociani CM, McAnally KC, Percy A, Dewey LE, Sanda MG, Chang P. Clinical Use of Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite for Clinical Practice to Assess Patient-Reported Prostate Cancer Quality of Life Following Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy. J Urol. 2017 Jan;197(1):109-114. doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2016.07.080. Epub 2016 Jul 27. PMID: 27475967. 


Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing